Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I am back on track

 I guess, I kinda gave up. I started my diet monday once again. I really want to lose this weight and I am so tired of  making excuse for not losing weight. I know I need to get healthy. I guess I just want to feel better

Monday, May 30, 2011

I managed to stick to it.

It is very stressful in my household with my father-n-law in the hospital and recovering from heart surgery. I managed yesterday to keep on my diet plan. I am just going to take it one day at a time.
The Good Lord has my back and everything is under his control. My father-n-law is improving another blessing to be thankful for.

May 30th Food Journal


3 Turkey Sausage
1 egg                         

                        carbs 0.3

Sunday, May 29, 2011

My blood sugars are crazy

I have a terrible breakout of sores on my body, It is because of my sugars. My sugars have been over 300 here lately. My daughter who is working on becoming a nurse, said it isn't uncommon for that to happen. I am trying to get it back under control. I know, I need to take better care of myself

May 29th Food Journal

                        Goal for Net Carbs 15

2 eggs scrambled
1 tbs of bacon bits
3 slices of tomatoe

                                 Total net carbs 4.3

3 slices of bologna
2 slices of american cheese

                                Total net carbs 1.4


3 slices of roast
1 cup of green beans
                              Total net carb 1.8

My Total of carbs for the day

                           Daily total  7.5

weigh-in 2 ( I gained)

Well, I gained but I am back on track. I weighed 269, I thought I gained 9 but it was only 7 so that is a really good thing

My Father-n-law had open heart surgery and I gained 9 pds

My father-n-law Willis Crosby, just had open heart surgery, It happened so quick too. He went to the emergency room for agina and ended up having open heart surgery. He has had a few complications, he had some respiratory problems, but he is out of the woods now. I am so thankful that he is making a full recovery. I gained 9 pds, I am not a person that handles stress well. My hubby ended up going to the Dr. when his dad got sick, he got sick, the doctor is going to run a bunch of test, for gall bladder and a ulcer. I pray that he will be fine, last thing we need is a sick hubby bubby. Well, I am going to determinedly stick to my diet, since my father-n-law is out of the woods. I plan on writing in my blog what I am eating so I might be more aware of my carbs.